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Wolves await you: March last month

When's the last time you had an opportunity to experience
the beauty of wolves on the big screen?  Omnimax "Wolves"  awaits
you at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull. March is the
FINAL screening month of this awe-inspiring National Wildlife Federation
film about the success of re-introduction efforts in the United States,
narrated by Robbie Robertson. Come and experience the beauty, mystery and
of this species that humans almost completely eradicated from the United
States. Thanks
to a turnabout in attitudes a comeback is now possible. Wolves was
brought to the Museum as part of a regional wolf awareness raising
campaign spearheaded by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness
Society (CPAWS).

BONUS screening: prior to each screening of Omnimax "Wolves", see
a CPAWS-produced mini-video about the Ottawa Valley's own Algonquin
wolves, with music by Ian Tamblyn. Narration by Ian Tamblyn (eng.) and
Julie Huard (francais). Rare footage of Algonquin wolves from Mike Runtz
and Sound Venture Productions. Effusive appreciation to Sound of One Hand

Movie schedule:  http://www.civilization.ca/cmc/cmceng/cine2eng.html or
telephone 776-7010.
Download an Algonquin wolf petition find out more about the Algonquin
wolves today at:  http://www.cpaws-ov.org

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