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Divest from Talisman Oil

Meeting to organise divestment campaign aimed at Talisman Oil. Talisman's
investment in oil in southern Sudan is exacerbating the war. 

Sunday, 12 March, 3:00 pm
237 Champlain, apt 3 (go up stairs on side of house)
Hull (a few blocks from Museum of Civilisation)

The meeting is to talk about launching a divestment campaign initially aimed
at getting the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, Talisman's largest investor,
to sell its shares in Talisman.

"We can only conclude that Sudan is a place of extraordinary suffering ...
and the oil operations in which a Canadian company is involved add more
suffering." John Harker, Report of a Canadian Assessment Mission, Jan 2000

"Our homes have been burnt. I hope you will convey that we are people, that
we cannot go and eat grass like a cow." unnamed woman from Nhialdiu (in the
area being cleared for the oil development) to John Harker

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