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It is in Montreal, but as it is on a Saturday, perhaps within reach for some

Saturday, May 6th, 2000 10am to 6pm
-- Anarchist Book and Freedom Fair --

1710 Beaudry (between Ontario and Ste-Catherine)
metro Beaudry Montreal, Quebec CANADUH

MONTREAL, February 24, 2000 -- The following is an open invitation to
Montreal's first Anarchist Book and Freedom Fair. Modeled on other
anarchist bookfairs in London, San Francisco and Boston, Montreal's event
-- which will be in English and French -- will take place on May 6th, the
first weekend after May Day.

The books and magazines are just one part of the event. The day will be
filled with workshops, videos, speakers, debates, readings and more.
There will be an "Anarchist Museum" displaying archival materials -- old
publications, posters, letters, etc -- of Quebec's anarchist past. 

We're inviting local and regional radical and anti-authoritarian groups
to set up tables and facilitate discussions and workshops. There will be
also be poetry, paintings, music and food. The bookfair is a
child-friendly event.

Ideally, the Book and Freedom Fair will be the culmination of a week-long
festival of radical events beginning with May 1st, and organized by
several local collectives. We're still confirming speakers, workshops and
presenters for the bookfair, and an in-depth schedule of events will be
available by April. To get this schedule, please contact us by phone,
e-mail or post.

If you are a distributor, bookseller, publisher, zinester, artist,
author, poet, musician, activist or just plain curious -- get in touch
soon about how to get involved. Of course, feel free to just show up on
May 6th and enjoy the event. See you in May.

-- the Montreal Anarchist Book and Freedom Fair collective

Montreal Anarchist Book and Freedom Fair
2035, boulevard St-Laurent
2nd floor
Montreal, Quebec
tel: 514-526-8946, 514-844-1498 or 514-769-9059
e-mail: lombrenoire@tao.ca

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