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Fwd: Land Reform and the Culture of Resistance

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>Subject: Land Reform and the Culture of Resistance
>Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 17:18:26 -0500
>hey everybody. Paulina and i, and some other folk at the OPRIG-Carleton's
>economic justice working group have organized this. it should be really 
>and hope you can all make.
>Coporate Development... or theft?
>Land Reform and the Culture of Resistance
>Listen to local activists, discuss land reform and coporate development. 
>participate in creating strategies of local resistance
>Speakers include:
>Carlos Perez (Caribbean-Latin American Solidarity, OPIRG)
>Dave Bleakney (CUPW member, and local organizer)
>Bob Epstein (cheif advisor to Cheif of the Grand Council of the Crees)
>Jamie Kneen (Mine Watch Canada, and local organizer)
>Roberta Miranda (Caribbean-Latin American Solidarity)
>Pam Foster (Halifax Initiative, and OPIRG)
>Everyone, regardless of experience, is encouraged to attend this creative
>attempt to build local solidarity and to establish local resistance against
>corporate oppression.
>Loeb Building B243, Thurs. 23rd, 6-9pm
>for more info contact OPIRG @ 520-2757 or e-mail jeremy@tao.ca

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