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Fw: PDFORUM-L Making People Count--Invitation to a Presentation

Faruq Faisel
Canadian Program Manager
South Asia Partnership (SAP) Canada
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Ottawa Ontario K1N 7B7

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Sent: Friday, March 17, 2000 10:18 AM
Subject: PDFORUM-L Making People Count--Invitation to a Presentation

> The Participatory Development (PD) Forum and South Asia Partnership (SAP)
> Canada Invite you to a Mid-day Presentation:
> Challenges and Dilemmas  In Using Participatory Methods For International
> Financial Institution Projects in Pakistan
> Date: Wednesday March 29, 2000
> Time: 12 to 2 PM
> Place: Room 202, 1 Nicholas Street, Ottawa
> Presenters: David King and Gary Holm, Agrodev Canada Inc.
> The presenters will share their experiences from two projects.
> 1. Northern Resource Management Project, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan.
> Over 4 years, Agrodev assisted the Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
> (AJK) in the sustainable management of land and other natural resources in
> one of Pakistan's poorest and most environmentally vulnerable areas. The
> project sought to improve the policy framework that influenced the use and
> conservation of natural resources while strengthening and restructuring
> main institutions in charge of managing the natural resources of AJK.
> The project tested, on a pilot basis, programs whereby communities took
> management and financial responsibility for identifying, planning and
> implementing activities geared towards sustainable resource development.
> The technical assistance was part of a larger World Bank loan developing
> rural infrastructure; restructuring the departments of Agriculture and
> Animal Husbandry, including the privatization of agriculture input supply;
> and developing a community-led extension strategy.
> Agrodev assisted the Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) in the
> sustainable management of land and other natural resources in one of
> Pakistan's poorest and most environmentally vulnerable areas.
> 2. NWFP Barani Area Development Phase-II Project Preparation Technical
> Assistance Project (PPTA)
> Agrodev is just completing this 7 month project to design a rural
> development project for the Asian Development Bank (and IFAD) funding and
> implementation in rain fed
> areas of 10 districts of North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.  An
> earlier project implemented in 4 districts is nearing completion, as well.
> This earlier project was implemented by government line agencies in
> collaboration with a Rural Support program (responsible for community
> organization) and national banking /commercial banking agencies (providing
> the financing for the small scale credit program. The PPTA required that
> the experience of this earlier project be built upon, and extended to a
> (much) wider area, focus more directly on women participants and more
> effectively target the poorest of the poor. Productive opportunities for
> poor household targets of the project had to be identified and their
> economic, financial and technical feasibility assessed. The capacities of
> rural support organizations to meet the community organization needs of
> proposed project and whether the rural support organization(s) should also
> be involved in the micro credit program appraised.
> Sustainability of resource use also had to be appraised: - Soil loss, loss
> tree cover and other forms of resource degradation in upland areas and
> water tables with high costs of water extraction are all key concerns in
> various parts of the project area.  Finally economic detailed economic
> analysis had to be carried out on each proposed component to ensure that
> project meets Economic Internal Rates of Return (EIRR) standards for ADB
> approval and financing.
> Both the presenters were involved directly with these projects. This forum
> will give us opportunity to understand their lessons and doubts. There
> be an opportunity for the participants to take part in an open discussion
> after the presentations.
> A $2 donation to the PD Forum will be appreciated.
> Space is limited.  Please confirm your attendance in advance to Christa
> McMillin at the PD Forum: <pdforum@web.net> or by phone (613) 792-1006.
> ---------------------
> Upcoming PD Forum Events:
> In collaboration with the Gender Equality Division at CIDA, Rieky Stuart
> and David Kelleher will be discussing their new book "Gender at Work"
> is about gender and organizational change. April 13, 12:30 - 2pm, at
> CIDA (200 Promenade du Portage, Hull), Room 501.
> Bessa Whitmore and Maureen Wilson of the Canadian Consortium for
> International Social Development will be discussing their new book "Seeds
> of Fire: Social Development in an era of globalization".  April 27, time
> and venue to be confirmed.

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