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Peltier located thanks to supporters

I received the following message this morning.  Apparently they received a
surprising (the prison receptionists words) number of calls from Canada.
Thank you to everyone who called and helped us.

Dear Peltier supporters,

We just got the message from BOP (below).  It looks like Leonard is being
transferred to Rochester (where the Mayo Clinic is located!!!!)  We did not
expect to be told where he would be transferred, but we were.  THANK YOU FOR
YOUR VERY QUICK RESPONSES.  Until further notice we will discontinue calls
to the BOP and Leavenworth as requested by Scott Wolfson below.  We will
keep you informed of any developments.  We still need to keep an eye on him
in Rochester.  Thanks again,

-----Original Message-----
From:	Scott J. Wolfson <swolfson@bop.gov>
To:	lpdc@idir.net <lpdc@idir.net>
Date:	Monday, March 20, 2000 4:24 PM
Subject:	Statement concerning inmate Leonard Peltier

>Statement Concerning Inmate Leonard Peltier
>This morning, Bureau of Prisons staff escorted inmate Leonard Peltier,
89637-132, from the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, to
the Federal Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota.  This transfer is a
temporary designation.
>Inmate Peltier is not in a life-threatening condition.
>We will provide the Defense Committee with additional information as it
becomes available tomorrow.
>We ask that you not call the Central Office, USP Leavenworth, or FMC
Rochester, as the Public Affairs office for the BOP will continue to work
closely with the LPDC.
>Thank you for your cooperation,
>Federal Bureau of Prisons
>Office of Public Affairs

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