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You're invited to a book launch!!

This Friday (March 24) from about 6pm on there will be a book launch with refreshments at:

Centretown Community Health Centre, 420 Cooper Street
This should be a fun and informative evening for all, please join us to learn a bit and to congratulate Lerner and Clark for their work which looks at  ways that are better for all Canadians to manage the economy in their new book:

 Basic Income: Economic Security for all Canadians.

Sally Lerner may not be happy to be called an economist but she would be happy to see any and all friends in the Ottawa area who want to come by  and say hello.

Noted Canadian and U.S. economists in Ottawa
to promote the concepts of Basic Income

        The well-known economists Dr. Sally Lerner and Dr. Charles Clark arrive in Ottawa on Friday 24 March for a special public event (Centretown Community Health Centre 6:00pm).  Their remarks and discussion will focus on their new economic proposals centred on Basic Income, a form of universal
financial security for all Canadians.  It's an idea whose time has come, with many European governments and U.S. states taking up the idea seriously.

        This is perfect timing as a follow-up to the new Federal Budget. During the past week dozens of articles and commentaries by senior economists, radio and TV reporters have presented views on tax cuts, social spending, and better ways to manage the economy.

        In their new book Basic Income: Economic Security for All Canadians Lerner, Clark, and Needham provide a clear definition of the term. They also give strong arguments for Canada to move in this direction.  Useful historical background and new statistics help will allow a wide range of citizens to understand these concepts.

        Lerner and Clark can provide a clearly understandable introduction to Basic Income and they can comment on:

        -  the pros and cons of the term Basic Income

        -  the example of Ireland where Charles Clark has been working with the government to institute a Basic Income model for the country

        -  strongly argued repsonses to those sceptical about the
possibilities for success

        -  why the term "Basic Income has become so appealing for community organizations and policy analysts across Canada, spanning the political spectrum

Sally Lerner and Charles Clark are available for
interviews prior to and after the Ottawa event.
Please call to arrange a time.
For details,  please contact Peter Steven
at Between the Lines Press, in Toronto 416-535-9914
or Lisa at Octopus Books, Ottawa 613-233-2589