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Rally for health care - Tues. March 28 @ noon

Medicare Rally

How can you help?
If you care about Medicare, here is your chance to help save it.  Come out
and join our rally.  Together we will send a strong message to Parliament!

When:		Tuesday, March 28, 2000
Time:		12 noon
Where:	Parliament Hill

Don't let the Federal Liberals hand over our Health Care System to the likes
of Ralph Klein and Mike Harris.  Ralph Klein's Private Hospital Bill has
just been introduced and the Chretien government is doing nothing to stop
it.  In Ontario, Mike Harris is jumping for joy over prospects of user fees
and more privatization.  Meanwhile, our cherished, publicly funded health
system is left open to destruction via NAFTA and other regressive trade
agreements.  This is outrageous and unacceptable.


For more information:
Canadian Health Coalition
2841 Riverside Dr.
Ottawa, ON
K1V 8X7

Len Bush, Research Officer
National Union of Public and General Employees
15 Auriga Drive, Nepean, On, Canada, K2E 1B7
(613) 228-9800 / (613) 228-9801 [fax]
www.nupge.ca / lbush@nupge.ca

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