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wednesday march 29: radioactivists meeting

hey everyone,

this is just a reminder about the next radioactivists meeting...

wednesday, march 29, 4 pm
opirg-carleton, 326 unicentre, carleton university
(to get here: oc transpo #7, 4, 117)

no more chernobyls, no more hiroshimas! our group hopes to help stop proposed
exports of candu reactors to turkey & other countries, and raise awareness
about more environmentally sound alternatives such as solar and wind energy.

for more info, contact the radioactivists at opirg-carleton, 520-2757.

"when you mention the atomic bomb, they are scared that it kills people. 
it has not been used since the second world war. having such a bomb in
turkey's hand is security. it provides deterrence." 
- enis oksuz, turkish minister of transport, march 9, 2000

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