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Tay River ACTION ALERT: letter to send by April 2nd! URGENT!

Here is a template of a letter you can send or fax to help save the Tay
River, which the citizens of the town of Perth depend upon for its 
drinking and hygenic water supply.

Please print it out with your return address and then sign the letter
before you fax or mail.  Thanks very much!


-----------------------------suggested letter--------------------------

[Put your return address here]


Supervisor  Water Resources Unit
Eastern Region, Technical Support
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
133 Dalton Avenue
P.O. Box 820
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 4X6
Fax: 613-548-6908

Dear Supervisor  Water Resources Unit:

Re:     Registry # IA00E0427
         Reference # ER-9062
         Tay River  Perth, Ontario

         It has come to my attention that consideration is being given to 
allowing OMYA to eventually export millions of gallons of Tay River water 
as part of their calcium carbonate plant expansion.

         The region has received a  shortage of rainfall and what I have 
been alerted to the potentially irreversible, uunconscionable damage this 
could do to water tables and all the interconnected water systems and 
ecosystems fed by these water systems near Perth, in the Ottawa Valley, 
and potentially far beyond.

         I urge you to delay the granting of any water permits whatsoever 
until a thorough, competent environmental impact study is carried out 
assuring that removal of such a quantity of water (approximately 1 million 
gallons per day) would not harm the Tay River, nor jeapordize the drinking 
water supply for the citizens of Perth.

Yours sincerely,

[NAME  don't forget to sign the letter!]

cc:     Mr. Norm Sterling, MPP Lanark-Renfrew
         Mr. Ian Murray, MP Lanark-Carleton
         Reeve Judy Brown, Township of Bathurst, Burgess, Sherbrooke
         Mr. Gordon Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario


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