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Sat. April 1 - Inviting You to Join Action on Genetic Engineering

GREETINGS!   Your chance for action !!

Join us for our part in an InterNational Day of Action on 
genetically  engineered foods!  Call to individuals and groups!

Food Action Ottawa is organizing friendly information  pickets outside 
grocery stores across Ottawa on April 1. 

**   to press  Loblaws/Superstores to get these untested, unlabelled, 
unwanted ingredients off the shelf! 

**  April 1-10  is "Resistance is Fertile"  - a global campaign week against 
Genetic Engineering  -   www.resistanceisfertile.com  -  promoted by 
The Council of Canadians, Sierra Club and Greenpeace.

**  Help us hand out information on Genetically Engineered Foods 
at all 14 LOBLAWS in the region on April 1st, 2000.  We  hope to form
bilingual teams of two or four people going out to the grocery store of your
choice to simply hand information to fellow  customers. 

**  A pamphlet created by Sierra Club, Council of Canadians 
and Greenpeace will be available. 

**  Food Action Ottawa will hosting a  brief workshop for poster-making 
and to help with answering questions on genetic engineering etc.  - 
     Thursday March 30th, 
     7:30pm at the YW/YMCA,  Argyle and O'Connor.

**  Info -  <shannonwillmott@hotmail.com>  or
          Lucy at the Sierra Club 241 4611.

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