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Sat.Apr.1 - can you help: props for the play ?

The cast of the play needs a few props, if you can help:
>  some toy squirrels and birds for the play  (they would be placed 
>  under the veil and be exposed at the inauguration).

Contact:  Michael Larrass -  <larrass@home.com>


SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 2000 -  10 AM     -   in the Glebe
at Central Park, east side of Bank St. at Patterson Ave.

Witness the planting of the first Geneticall Engineered Maple TreE(tm) !
Marvel at lectures by shifty scientists-for-hire !
Gasp at the speeches of politicians on the make !
And try a sample of genetically engineered maple sypup  . . . if you dare !!

Original park-theatre by your local, grassroots, food safety organization.

More info:
     <shannonwillmott@hotmail.com>  or
     Lucy at Sierra Club -  241-4611

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