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 You are invited to a meeting of 

            Monday  April 10, 7:00 pm (note earlier time than usual)
            at the YW/MCA, 180 Argyle Ave. at O'Connor Ave.
                    (look for a room notice in the front hall)

Regular monthly meetings of Food Action Ottawa are on the second Monday of
the month. (Formerly - Ottawa Public Working Gp. on Food Concerns)

This month we will not have a mini-talk, but will recap-debrief  the
(Inter)National Day of Action, April 1 - "Don't Be Fooled by GMO Foods",
including our group's brilliant outdoor theatre premiere and the Loblaws
information pickets.

Other items:
     - information table at Apr. 15-16 Food Fair at the Congress Centre
     - ag-biotech industry ad campaign
     - planning potluck for the group, with recent videos 
     - public presentations and public education activities
     - Codex (international labelling debate) is coming to town May 8
     - letter-writing events for the public    
Please join us.

For further information contact Lucy Sharratt at 235 1672 (days) or 
          Shannon Willmott <shannonnwillmott@hotmail.cam>  or
          Katherine Gunn  <kgunn@cyberus.ca>  729-0504.

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