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David Suzuki event, Apr.17

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Around the World, EARTH WEEK 2000 is examining Solutions to Climate Change
             Celebrate with the David Suzuki Foundation

                            POWER SHIFT:

       DAVID SUZUKI: Scientist, Broadcaster, Environmentalist
     RALPH TORRIE: Canada's Foremost Sustainable Energy Expert

          OTTAWA, MONDAY APRIL 17, Ottawa Congress Centre


                 Expo Opens: 5:00     Keynote: 7:30

A series of Multi-Media Events including an Expo of energy efficiency and
alternative energy technologies.

                   TIX:  $10 & $5 (limited seating)

Tix available in advance at a conscientious corner near you: Arbour
Environmental Shop, Carleton & Ottawa U PIRGs, Mags & Fags, Mountain
Equipment Co-op

Sponsored by the operators of a superior form of localmotion: OC Transpo

Power Shift showcases practical and economically viable solutions to
climate change. In addition to inspiring speeches by David Suzuki and
Canada's foremost sustainable energy expert, Ralph Torrie, there will be an
opportunity to view some of the latest alternative energy and energy
efficiency technologies. Displays will include public transit solutions,
wind and solar power, as well as transportation and energy conservation
alternatives, such as electric bicycles and scooters and the soon-to-be
released Toyota Prius and Honda Insight hybrid vehicles.

If you're worried about how climate change will affect you and your family
but feel like there's nothing you can do about it, this event will leave
you inspired and optimistic about a cleaner, healthier future.

Solutions to strengthen the economy, our communities and safeguard the

For more info: www.davidsuzuki.org or 1-800-453-1533

Mini Alakkatusery
201 Breezehill Avenue N.
Ottawa, Ontario  K1Y 2J1
Tel. (h): 729-1604

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