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Mayday Quarantine the Rich action in ottawa

From: jeremy <jeremy@dojo.tao.ca>

hey everyone,

in ottawa, on monday may 1, 2000, the People's Health Action Team will 
implement a quarentine of the rich. 

this will be done in order to stop the spread of the greed virus throughout 
our communities. as well, it will be a confrontation of the rich, to let them 
know that we know who they are and what the represent. it will be a direct 
action intended to educate the public about class issues. some participants 
in this action will be risking arrest in their commitment against the greed 

this will be done to coincide with an international day of action that has 
been called by People's Global Action. events and actions are intended to 
take place in areas all over the world.

the People's Health Action Team does need help to combat this virus though. 
if you are interested in fighting capitalism, or have ideas about the best 
way to undertake this action, please come to the organizing meeting.

it will be held at:

67 cartier st.  (this is one block east of elgin and south of somerset)
apt. 402

on monday, april 10, at 7pm.

if you would like to take part in the action but cannot make it to the 
meeting, or have stategies to best combat the virus, please let brian 
edgecomb ( brinae@tao.ca ) or me, jeremy bell ( jeremy@tao.ca ) know in what 
manner you can commit.

in solidarity,

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