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CfSC welcomes new coordinator

WHO:  Citizens for Safe Cycling
WHAT: Welcoming get-together
WWW:  www.cfsc.ottawa.on.ca
WHEN: Monday April 10 - 5:15pm-7pm
WHERE: 111 Lisgar Street.

I'd like to invite you to the Citizens for Safe Cycling spring spring
get-together on Monday April 10, from 5:15 to 7 pm in the Councillors'
Lounge at Ottawa-Carleton Centre, 111 Lisgar Street.

It's your chance to meet our new Cycling Safety and Promotion Coordinator,
Sylvia Welke, and member of your Board of Directors. Discuss cycling
issues, concerns and possible solutions with other keen cyclists... find
out more about this year's cycling promotion and advocacy activities,
offer your input, and get involved.

We'll also be officially saying thanks to our past Coordinator, Ryan
Lanyon, who left us in January to promote alternatives to travel by car at
the RMOC. Find out what the RMOC's new program, TravelWise, is all about.

Light refreshments and lots of good chat will be served.

Following the meeting, the regular CfSC Board meeting will take place in
the Honeywell room. Members are welcome to join us for the meeting and see
how CfSC runs behind the scenes -- and learn some new ways to get

We hope to see you on Monday!

	Brett Delmage

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