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Guatemalan Human Rights Activist coming this week!!

Guatemalan Human Rights Activist to Visit Ottawa

As part of the Guatemala Canada Solidarity Network sponsored tour
entitled "Guatemala:Memory,Truth and Hope", Claudia Agreda of the
Human Rights Office in Guatemala will be giving a public presentation with
slides in Ottawa on Thursday,April 13th, 7.30pm.

Agreda is touring across Canada to raise awareness about
human rights in her country. Two years ago Bishop Juan Gerardi was murdered
after releasing a report detailing human rights atrocities during
civil war. Agreda will discuss impunity, collective recovery of truth and
current situation in Guatemala.

The event will be at:
The Quakers (Religious Society of Friends),
91A, Fourth Avenue, The Glebe.
i.e.about 150 meters east of Bank, on north side of street
For more information, call Colin at 238-891.

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