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"Views from My Canoe": Becky Mason

Becky Mason presents her slide show  "Views from my Canoe"
at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness
Society, Ottawa Valley Chapter. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 8:00 p.m.
National Library of Canada 
395 Wellington Street, Ottawa
Admission is free, all are welcome.

"VIEWS FROM MY CANOE" highlights Becky
Mason's life in and around canoes and her
passion for them. She will take you on a journey
to the rivers, lakes and oceans of her favourite
Canadian parks and share her adventures and
her love for these places.

Through Becky's stories you will experience the beauty and splendour of
Superior's northshore, feel the tides tug at the canoe on the coast of Cape
Breton, paddle with whales in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence and discover the
benefits that can come from being windbound for days on end. You will see
the land through an artist's eye as Becky recounts how canoeing and the
wilderness can nourish the creative soul and inspire a visual artist.

Becky Mason is a visual artist, professional canoe instructor and speaker.
She has journeyed in canoes for as long as she can remember and learned
to paddle before she could walk. Becky acquired her paddling skills and her
love for canoes from her father the late Bill Mason, the author,
conservationist, filmmaker of the "Path of the Paddle" series. In the
summer, Becky teaches her Classic Solo Canoe courses full time and in the
fall, she heads off on canoe trips until freeze-up. She then hangs up her
paddle for the winter and paints her memories and experiences of these
trips. Throughout the year she enjoys travelling to the USA and Canada
talking about her life as a canoe instructor and visual artist.

Ottawa Valley Chapter / Section Vallie de l'Outaouais
tel:(613) 232-7297   fax:(613) 232-2030  http://www.cpaws-ov.org
National Website:  http://www.cpaws.org
506 (B) - 880 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON   Canada   K1R 6K7
Defending wilderness in Ontario and Quebec since 1970

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