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Fw: Benefit Featuring Juno Award Winner Madagscar Slim

My apologies in advance for any duplicate posting of this event.

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> From: Dean Pallen <majunga@magma.ca>
> Date: Friday, April 07, 2000 3:42 PM
> Subject: Benefit Featuring Juno Award Winner Madagscar Slim
> Hi again would you mind passing this along to anyone who might be
> interested. Love to see you there. Thanks  Dean
> _______________________________________________________________________
> Below is a press release for an upcoming benefit for Madagascar featuring
> this year's Juno award  winner Madagascar Slim. For those that cannot
> attend and wish do make a donation they can do so directly to the Canadian
> Red Cross. A tax receipt is available for those purchasing a ticket for
> show. Dean Pallen 565-0660
>   Malagasy Canadian Artists organize a Relief Concert for Madagascar
> Vazo, a musical group, living in the region of Ottawa Carleton, is
> organizing a benefit concert to raise funds to help people in Madagascar
> recover from the disastrous effects of three recent cyclones and an
> outbreak of cholera.
> The concert is scheduled for Thursday April 13, 2000 at 6:00 pm, Room 200,
> Block West. Parliament Hill.
> The evening will feature:
> Madagascar Slim, a Malagasy Canadian, who won a Juno this year for best
> Global music recording. Best known in Canada for his mastery of the blues,
> in the last few years Madagascar Slim has been focusing on his Malagasy
> musical heritage. Other Malagasy Canadian artists performing at the
> include local groups Vazo and R.R. Majunga.
> All funds collected will be donated to the Red Cross and Médecins Sans
> Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) in support of their relief programmes
> in Madagascar.
> Tickets are $25.00
> Refreshments and Malagasy appetizers will be served. A cash bar will be
> For more information, please contact:
> Maggy Razafimbahiny tel: 241-7570
> or
> Dean Pallen tel: 565-0660

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