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corporate investment in war

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Oil and Blood: Strategies to control corporate investment in war
the case of Talisman Energy in Sudan

Monday, 15 May 2000, 7:00 pm
Ottawa Public Library auditorium (corner Metcalfe and Laurier)

A panel discussion looking at the role of oil in the conflict in Sudan and
strategies for dealing with it, including sanctions, class action suits,
shareholder activism, and divestment.

Canadian oil company Talisman Energy is participating in an oil project in
Sudan widely acknowledged to be intensifying the brutal war. Canada
announced it would not apply sanctions, attempts by major humanitarian
organisations to persuade the company to improve its practices failed, and
Talisman remains in Sudan, reaping its profits at the expense of the lives
and rights of the people of Sudan.

sponsored by Talisman Divestment Campaign, an OPIRG Working Group 
more information: 744 6270

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