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Traffic calming open houses

WHAT: Traffic calming open houses
WHO:  City of Ottawa, Department of Urban Planning and Public Works
WHERE: various
WWW: http://www.city.ottawa.on.ca

also see: http://www.cfsc.ottawa.on.ca, http://www.flora.org/afo

Invitation to Open House - Traffic Calming Evaluation Study
   City of Ottawa

   Open House 1
   Parkdale Traffic Calming Plan:
	    Street Narrowings along Parkdale Avenue and Sherwood Avenue.
	    January 17, 5pm to 8pm 
	    Parkdale United Church
	    429 Parkdale Avenue

  Open House 2
  Island Park, Churchill, Kirkwood Traffic Calming Plan
  Merivale Road Speed hump, Narrowings & Raised Intersections on Scott and
  Churchill, Narrowings on Clearview

	     January 18, 5pm to 8pm
	     Churchill Club - Townhall Room
  Open House 3
  Sandy Hill Traffic Calming Plan
  Stewart Street Speed Humps, Narrowings along Laurier, Osgoode, and Chapel
	    January 19, 6pm to 9pm
	    Sandy Hill Community Centre 250 Somerset Street East

  Open House 4
  Centretown Traffic Calming Plan
  Lyon Street Speed Humps, Narrowings, and Raised Interscetions Along Cartier
	    January 20, 5pm to 8pm
	    Jack Purcell Community Centre
	    320 Jack Purcell Lane

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