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Poverty Awareness Week

The Poverty Awareness Week Committee
Join us!
Try the life of a poor person for a week.
What is Poverty Challenge 2000?
Over Poverty Awareness Week, Wed. January 19 to Tues. January 25, a variety
of Ottawa citizens will choose to live on the weekly budget allocated to
those on social assistance (i.e. $37 for a single adult), for food,
transportation, and all other expenses, to help raise awareness of the
challenges faced by people living in poverty.
Join a host of Ottawans, including politicians, media personalities,
business leaders, the staff and Boards of community agencies and many
others, to experience life today on social assistance.   This is the third
annual Poverty Challenge.
How can you participate in the Poverty Challenge?
!	Contact Andrew Van Iterson (see below) for more details and the full
package, either for yourself or with a group.
!	Try to live on the $37 weekly budget (adjusted for couples and families),
similar to the weekly rate for welfare to cover all your costs beyond rent
and utilities.
!	Challenge other individuals and groups to participate.

The Poverty Challenge is part of Poverty Awareness Week, which will run
simultaneously.  They will be launched together at a special celebratory,
musical, and informative event at the Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson, on
January 19th, 12:00 - 1:30 pm.
Poverty Awareness Week will include:
C	An Exhibition of *New Solutions to Poverty* at Ottawa City Hall,
C	Poverty Awareness Day at the Rideau Centre Saturday January 22nd,
C	Poverty awareness workshops in schools and churches,
C	A vigil at the Human Rights Monument Thursday January 20th, and
C	Insertion of *Poverty Myths* fact sheets in the menus of local

For further information or registration for Poverty Challenge 2000 and
Poverty Awareness Week,  please contact: Andrew Van Iterson at Centretown
Community Health Centre at 233-4443 ext. 2203,
afontaine@centretown.ochc.org, or check our web site at
Note:    The Poverty Challenge is intended to provide an opportunity to
*walk in someone else*s shoes* but does not reflect the day-to-day
challenges of living in poverty.
** Please distribute to other potential participants. Thanks! **

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