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Cuban Film Festival at Ottawa U

    The Cuban Embassy is hosting a film festival called
"40 Years of Cuban Cinema" from January 19 to March
29. Films will be shown every Wednesday at 8:30 pm at
the University of Ottawa, Arts Building Theatre (ARTS
026), 70 Laurier Street, free admission.

On January 19 at 8:00 pm, the film festival will be
opened by the Ambassador of Cuba, H.E. Carlos
Fernandez de Cossio followed by the screening of the
1989 film "The Belle of the Alhambra" (La bella del
Alhambra). The following films will also be screened:

January 26: "The Death of a Bureaucrat" (La muerte de
un burocrata) - 1966

February 2: Lucia - 1968

February 9: "Sort Of" (De cierta manera) - 1974

February 16: "Theresa's Portrait" (Retrato de Teresa)
- 1979

March 1: "A Girlfriend for David" (Una novia para
David) - 1985

March 8: "Secondary Roles" (Papeles secundarios) -

March 15: "Transparent Woman" (Mujer transparente) -

March 22: "Strawberry and Chocolate" (Fresa y
chocolate) - 1992

March 29: "Life is a Whistle" (La vida es silbar) -

All films will have English subtitles.
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