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TV - CPAC Food Week, Jan.31 - Feb.4 - detail

Mon. Jan 31 through Fri. Feb 4/00 :
CPAC's acclaimed series on biotechnology, first shown last October  -  the
highest-response series that CPAC has ever shown.

- at 12 noon (EST) and again at 10 pm (EST) each day (a 2 hour programme).

 Special  Assignment  ....... five part series on the controversy
surrounding bio-technology, and the scientific alteration of our food. 

Mon.Jan.31 - Working With Technology

Tues. Feb.1 -  The Ethics of Genetically Modified Food:    CPAC takes the
debate back to its roots - the ranch owned by Bob Church, the 'godfather' of

Wed. Feb.2 - From Labelling to Lawsuits:    A battle between a multinational
corporate Goliath and a Saskatchewan farmer could determine who controls the
future of world farming.  CPAC talks to boths sisdes - Percy Schmeiser &
Monsanto's Pres.

Thur. Feb.3 - Regulating Biotechnology:   Is it safe? CPAC visits the farm
of one of the best-known critics... Brewster Kneen to discuss teh
government's role.

Fri. Feb.4 - The Organic Alternative: The challenges ahead for producers and

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