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Reminder: Environmental Bill of Rights and You, Tonight

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Ottawa Valley Chapter
"Wilderness Wednesdays" Series
7:00 p.m., Sandy Hill Community Centre (Games Room)
250 Somerset E. (near King Edward, University of Ottawa)
All are welcome, admission is free.

Topic for Wednesday, February 2, 2000:
The Environmental Bill of Rights: A Citizen's Tool-kit for Better
Environmental Decision-making, with guest speaker Mark Murphy from the
Ontario Environmental Commissioner's Office.
What environmental plans are afoot in your community?  Is the industry
upstream seeking approval to release more toxic substances? What about the
dump down the road? Are they planning an expansion? Or, is the provincial
government forging new policies, Acts, or legislation that could impact the
environmental health of your neighborhood? If so, how will you know? And
what can you do? 

The answers are simple. You can access the Environmental Registry, a
searchable Internet database of the government's environmentally significant
proposals and decisions; and exercise your new rights under Ontario's
Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) to influence decisions before they are
finalized and hold the government accountable for the decisions it makes. 

The Environmental Bill of Rights (ERR) is one of the most significant pieces
of environmental. legislation in Canada. It empowers all Ontarians to
participate in environmentally significant decisions being made by the
provincial government...decisions that will affect the health of our
environment for years to come. 

Mark Murphy, Public Education Officer for the Environmental Commissioner of
Ontario, will be introducing the EBR and the role of the Environmental
Commissioner as an independent environmental watchdog, at the February 2nd
edition of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society's Wilderness Wednesday
chapter meeting series. 

Specifically, audience members will learn how to exercise their new rights
under the EBR to: 

* comment on environmentally significant proposals before they are
* use the Environmental Registry to influence and track environmental
proposals in their communities 
* appeal environmental decisions; 
* request a review of environmental policy or legislation; request a
ministry to consider new environmental policy or legislation; 
* request a ministry to investigate alleged environmental harm; 
* take action, without fear of reprisal, if an employer is harming the

For more information:   232-7297 or www.cpaws-ov.org. 


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