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Fw: Peacful Demonstration


Israel pulled its representatives from the April Understanding Committee. Such an action is a very negative sign, that hints to new escalation by the Israeli side.

We've been under lots pressures lately; different kinds of pressures.
Pressures from clubs on campus complaining about our press releases and our revealing the truth.
Pressures keeping up with the local media in order to force them to say the truth.
Pressures from the continuity of the daily Israeli artillery attacks against our people in Lebanon.
Pressures answering e-mails from people asking our view about the latest escalation.
School pressure and lots other pressures we should be ready for, along the new Israeli escalation.

It is ACTION time. We should also do our part in helping resist the Israeli Occupation.
The least we could do is speak out and defend ourselves.
The least we could do is show LOVE and Solidarity to our beloved country Lebanon.

FRIDAY February the 18th, 2000

Lets all demonstrate, protest at the Embassy of Israel, and condemn the Israeli aggressions. "With No Justice, There Is No Peace".
The address for the Embassy of Israel: 50 O'Connor st.( Downtown; close to parliament hill) Tel. 567-6450
Gathering @ 1:30pm.
p.s.We will march after to parliament. Try bring Candles.

In Solidarity,
Club du Liban
e-mail: cdl@monisys.ca
homepage: http://cdl.monisys.ca