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job posting

Project Contract
To develop a six (6) hour Conference on Trade Issues from a Labour Perspective
The Canadian Labour Congress is accepting applications from individuals intersted in developing a six (6) hour conference on issues in trade talks at the WTO.
The successful candidate will work with a very small steering committee of representatives from the Canadian Labour Congress, the Ontario Federation of Labour, and Affiliates to plan a one day conference.
The conference will use workshops and other activities to:
    provide information on international organizations like the WTO and other bodies, and information on ongoing trade talks
    involve activists in analysis fo what could be affected by trade talks,
    involve activists in developing alternatives,
    involve participants in developing activities to pressure the Canadian government and to support ongoing campaigns on issues like health care, privatization, genetically modified foods, workers' rights. 
The successful applicant will have a solid background in popular education techniques and will use these techniques in designing the conference.  He/she will also run a one-day "train-the-trainer" session with conference organizers and to complete the contract will provide organizers with a written outline of the conference, workshops and activities for use in subsequent conferences in other areas of the country.
The conference design and the train-the-trainer session will be complete by April 7th, 2000.
Contract value:  $5,000
Please send the letters of application with a sample of recent work to Mary Rowles, Assistant to the President, Canadian Labour Congress, 2841 Riverside Drive, Ottawa. 
Fax:  (613) 561-6160, email:  mrowles@clc-ctc.ca
Application Deadline:  Tuesday, February 29th, 2000
Len Bush
Research Officer
National Union of Public and General Employees
15 Auriga Dr., Ottawa, K2E 1B7
(613) 228-9800 (phone) / (613) 228-9801 (fax)
lbush@nupge.ca                                 www.nupge.ca