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Re: job posting

At 11:15 02/16/2000 -0500, you wrote: 


<bigger>Project Contract</bigger><color><param>0606,0000,0000</param>
<bigger>To develop a six (6) hour Conference on Trade  Issues from a Labour Perspective</bigger> 


This arrived in HTML format - probably written with Microsoft's Outlook Express.  In the interests of keeping Bill Gates out of my computer and my life, I do not use Outlook Express.  One result (possibly with the intention of forcing me to use Outlook Express for email) is that my Eudora software doesn't translate carriage returns from Outlook Express, making messages unintelligible.  Please go to <<Tools-Options-Send> in Outlook Express and change outgoing mail to "text" from "html" when sending anything to me in the future.

Bob Thomson

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