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Demo 4 Peace + Diversity @ Austrian Embassy: SAT FEB 19 @noon!

VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE..... sorry for the short notice!

posting for whoever made the posters :-)


                       Saturday February 19th, 2000
		     12 noon at the Embassy of Austria
                           445 Wilbrod Street

		FIGHT oppression  FIGHT racism FIGHT hate crimes
	         CELEBRATE multiculturalism  RESPECT diversity

Austria has elected a government that has formed what Austrians are
calling [because of the party colours] the "Black and Blue" coalition. 

A main player in this coalition is the extreme right wing "Freedom Party", 
who won a majority of the popular vote. They were elected on an 
Anti-Immigration platform.  Their leader, Joerg Haider, governor of 
the southern Austrian province of Carinthia, is infamous for saying 
something praising Nazi policy [see below], then backpedalling on 
it, claiming to be misunderstood, brushing away all objections as if
one would be crazy to have thought what he said to be racist or neo-Nazi. 

Haider is on record as having:

-praised Hitler's employment policies
-called the Waffen SS Nazi soldiers "decent men of character"
-called concentration camps "punishment camps"

He is currently suing a major British paper for reporting alleged off-the-
record remarks made by him in another interview that "Churchill was 
the greatest war criminal". [source, The Otttawa Citizen]

The main planks of his "Freedom Party" are anti-immigration 
policies, rooted in blaming immigrants and refugees for crime, 
unemployment, and corruption.

Many Austrians have been fighting in the streets of their capital,
Wien [Vienna] against state riot police, as they call for an end 
to Haider's racist party's participation in the government.

			STOP the Hate. NEVER again!
Send a strong message and come out to the protest this Saturday at noon.


THIS MESSAGE IS VERY IMPORTANT more so now than this aft.
when I promised to post it for whoever is organizing it.

BECAUSE Joerg Haider is as I type paying an unexpected visit to Canada...
Therefore this demo - planned before anyone knew haider would
be in Canada strikes me as especially timely given Haider's appearance
to Montreal yesterday and this evening past Toronto. 

CBC reported this evening that: 
1. Ottawa doesn't know why Haider is here, 
2. that Haider says he was invited by Hasidic Jews. 
3. [understandably!] the Jewish community is quite upset and disagrees.

The Ottawa Citizen called him "The Most Hated Man in Europe".

What is/was he doing in Canada? In Montreal? In Toronto? And who is
he meeting with? 

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