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First meeting for Young Wimmin Unite

Attention SISTAHS!





Young O+ are getting together Feb 21st for the first of monthly spaces to shoot the feminist philosophical, build support, and come together around issues facing young O+ in the Ottawa-Carleton Region.

Every month we hope to have a featured topic for discussion, with plenty of room for creative, flexible and educational experiences and dialogue.






Join us for our inaugural night!

February 21st 2000

7:30 pm @ the Women Studies House at Ottawa U!
143 Seraphin-Marion (near Tabaret Hall)
house is called the Susan Mann House.

Free warm/cool beverages and snacks.





Bring a friend, your little sister, your roommate, neighbour, lover, partner - but remember this is a space for and by young O+.










Brought to you by the Ottawa-Carleton NAC Young O+'s Network