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Mon.Feb.28 - Biotech/Food Group extra meeting

You are invited to a meeting of the
 Ottawa Public Working Group on  Food Concerns: 
     Monday  February 28, 7:30, at the YW/MCA, 180 Argyle St., Rm.245.

Although meetings are regularly scheduled for the second Monday each month, 
there is too much happening to leave the GMO situation alone that long!

The mini-talk  will cover:
     The effects of processing on GMO content in foods - with thanks to
Richard Wolfson.     

The meeting will focus on:
     Planning for events, covering -
          - potluck for the group, with recent videos of GMO actions, 
                    the Biosafety meetings, etc.
          - public presentations and public education activities
          - letter-writing events for the public    
          - possible action for April 1 
      A snappy name for the group! - think acronyms, think bilingual

Please join us.

For further information contact Lucy Sharratt at 235 1672 or Katherine Gunn
     Katherine Gunn           kgunn@cyberus.ca          Ottawa, Canada 
                << Comfort the afflicted, but afflict the comfortable >>

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