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Special Radio Program on Int. Women's Day

Listen to Beyond Borders on Click Here


CHUO FM 89.1 Radio

Wednesday March 8, 2000
5.40 PM

"Beyond Borders" is the development and social justice issues segment on a
hour long spoken word show: Click Here, which  starts at 5.00 PM. every

This Week's Special Presentation on the International Women's Day

Conversation with a Pakistani Feminist Activist: Roshaneh Zafar, Founder and
Managing Director, Kashf Foundation, Lahore Pakistan.

Isabelle Valois, Pakistan Program Manager of South Asia Partnership Canada
will talk to Roshaneh. The segment will be moderated by Faruq Faisel.

Roshaneh is currently touring cross Canada on a speaking tour on Empowering
Women- Meeting Global Challenges in the New Millennium, a Canadian
University Seminar series organized by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada.

If you live in the Ottawa area, you can listen to Beyond Borders on Click
Here, every Wednesday around 5.40 PM at CHUO FM 89.1. If you have story
ideas for Beyond Borders, please send it to: ffaisel@web.net

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