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ALERT: register for Biodevastation 2000 - Boston, Mar.24-26

Biodevastation 2000 - Boston, Mass.  - March 24-26, 2000
     ++++  www.biodev.org. ++++

Register if possible before March 10 !   Fee is $10 - $100, what you can afford.
Low-cost meals on site.

Housing billets and dorms available (at no charge, it seems) - but
*requires* early registration.  (They say send  money-order by mail to
confirm accommodation by Mar.10 -- we hope to have details to clarify,
because of the tight
deadline, by this  evening - Mar. 6/00.) 

No chartered buses going, but some Ottawa/Montreal people are planning to
drive shared rental cars or go by Voyageur/Greyhound (return fare = $240 or

Press release, schedule and registration form are below.
Please get in touch with Lucy (work 241 4611 Sierra Club, home 235 1672)
 to check regarding travel.   Thanks. 
 February 22, 2000
A coalition of environmental, food safety, public  health, farm 
and agricultural advocates will convene an international gathering 
of genetic  engineering opponents in Boston on March  24-30.   
Their gathering, "Biodevastation 2000," is will coincide with the 
convention of  the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

 The counter-conference will take place March 24 - 26
 at Northeastern University, and will be followed by
 other public events including a rally and parade on
 Sunday, March 26th, featuring international speakers
 and a colorful display of larger-than-life puppets.
 "Biodevastation 2000 will highlight biotechnology's
 growing threat to our health, the environment and the
 future of our farms," said Jessica Hayes, spokesperson
 for Biodevastation 2000,  "Following last November's
 events in Seattle, we also hope to bring the
 resistance against corporate globalization back to the
 center of public attention, as we bring diverse
 organizations and individuals together to express the
 growing rejection of genetic engineering."
 Biodevastation 2000 is the fourth in a series of
 international grassroots gatherings on genetic
 engineering that began in St. Louis in July of 1998.
 The theme of this year's gathering is  "Resistance and
 solutions to the corporate monopoly on power, food,
 and life." The Biodevastation conference, to be held
 at Northeastern University on March 24-26th, will
 bring together scientists, activists, students,
 farmers, consumers and community leaders from around
 the world to explore the facts, questions, and myths
 behind genetic engineering and its partner, corporate
 Workshops and speakers at Biodevastation 2000 will
 take an intensive look into the impacts of genetic
 engineering on human health, the environment, food and
 farms, and communities. Presenters will also explore
 ways for communities to organize and create
 community-centered solutions to avoid the dangerous
 impacts of genetic engineering. Biodevastation 2000
 speakers include Vandana Shiva of India's Research
 Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology; long
 time biotechnology critic Ruth Hubbard of Harvard
 University; and Steve Wilson and Jane Akre, former Fox
 TV reporters fired for their expose of Monsanto's
 Bovine Growth Hormone, a genetically engineered drug
 used on dairy cows.
 Biodevastation 2000 is a collaborative project of
 Northeast Resistance Against Genetic Engineering,
 Institute for Social Ecology, and People's Earth
 Network; Co-sponsors include Clean Water Action, the
 Council for Responsible Genetics, Boston Global Action
 Network, Greenpeace USA, Native Forest Network, Mass
 PIRG and many others.
 For more information on Biodevastation 2000 contact:
 Northeast Resistance Against Genetic Engineering
 802.454.9957   nerage@sover.net
 Boston Biodevastation Clearinghouse
 1.877.9RESIST (toll free)     biod2000@jamaicaplain.com
 For media related questions contact:
 Jessica Hayes
 617.623.4715   biodevmedia@yahoo.com
***   BIODEVASTATION 2000     ***  Program ***
 FRIDAY 3/24
 8-9 AM                  Breakfast and registration
 9-10                    Opening Session/Welcome
 10:00-11:45        Environmental Issues Panel
 11:45-12:45         Lunch
 12:45-2:15          Biopiracy Panel
 2:30-4:00          Workshops
 4:15-6                  Genetics and Health Panel
 6-7:30                   Dinner
 7:30-9 PM           Vandana Shiva keynote
 9:15-10:15         Theater (Deep Mtn. Group)
 8-9 AM             Breakfast
 9-10:30             Farms/Seeds/Organics Panel
 10:30-10:45    Stretch break
 10:45-12:15        Two Panels: Food Safety
                and Corporate Agendas/Globalization
 12:15-2:15          Lunch/Networking (Regional caucuses, etc.)
 2:15-3:45     Workshops
 4:00-5:30      Workshops
 5:30-8          Dinner (Strategy circles in Cabot gym)
 8-9 PM        Jane Akre and Steve Wilson keynote
 9 PM          Seize the Day
 SUNDAY 3/26
 8-9 AM              Breakfast
 9:00-10:15          International Movement Building Panel
 10:30-11:45 U.S. Movement Building Panel
                    (Possibly food safety again, depending on room availability)
 11:45-12:15   Morning wrapup, focus on next steps in movement
 Evening session(s): TBA
***   Updated panel participants: ***
 Food Safety and Health - - 
 Steven M. Druker, Alliance for Bio-Integrity
 Mike Hansen, Consumers Union
 Lee Ketelsen, Clean Water Action
 Marc Lappé, author, "Against the Grain" (invited)
 Environmental Hazards and Biosafety - - 
 Martha Crouch, former plant molecular biologist (Indiana University)
 Ricarda Steinbrecher, Women's Environmental Network, UK
 Sonja Schmitz, University of Vermont
 Orin Langelle, Native Forest Network and ACERCA
 Doreen Stabinsky (CRG, invited)
 Seeds, Farms and Organics - - 
 C. R. Lawn, Fedco Seeds
 George Naylor, Iowa farmer in suit against Monsanto
 José Bové, Confédération Paysanne, France (tentative)
 John Kinsman, National Family Farm Coalition (invited)
 (Other panelists being contacted)
 Human Genetics and Medical Issues - - 
 Ruth Hubbard, Harvard University, Council for Responsible Genetics
 Stuart Newman, New York Medical College, CRG
 Barbara Katz Rothman, Baruch College, City University  NY,  (tentative)
 Marcy Darnovsky, Techno-Eugenics Newsletter (CA.)
 Alix Fano, Campaign for Responsible Transplantation
 Gregor Wolbring, University of Calgary
 Biopiracy, Intellectual Property and Patents - - 
 Mike Dorsey, University of Michigan
 Victoria Corpuz, Tebtebba Foundation, Philippines
 Beth Burrows, Edmonds Institute
 Deborah Harry, Indigenous People's Biodiversity Project
 Jonathan King, MIT and CRG
 Corporate Agendas and Globalization - - 
 Hope Shand, Rural Advancement Foundation International
 Dan Faber, Northeastern University
 Mitchel Cohen, Green Party of New York State
 Chaia Heller, Institute for Social Ecology, U. of Massachusetts
 (Possible representative from Food First)
 Movement Building and Activism - - 
     Luke Anderson, Activist journalist, UK
     Martin Shaw, GenetiX Snowball, UK
     José Bové, Confédération Paysanne, France (tentative)
     Lucy Sharratt, Sierra Club of Canada
     Jim Thomas, Greenpeace, UK
     Charles Margulis, Greenpeace USA
     Ronnie Cummins, Biodemocracy Campaign, Organic Consumers Assn.
     Brian Tokar, Institute for Social Ecology, NERAGE
     Brooke Lehman, Direct Action Network
     Mike Prokosch (Boston Global Action Network, tentative)
 Still to be scheduled: Shoddy Puppet Company (Philadedelphia)

 From: Brian Tokar <briant@earth.goddard.edu
 Reply to: nerage@sover.net
 In order to  facilitate planning for workshop rooms, housing, meals, and
other needs,  we  are urging people to register in advance.  We are trying
to find
housing  in  the Boston area for those who need it, plan to provide meals
for only a
 small donation, and are working to arrange child care.  For all these
 reasons, we want to know if you're coming!  Housing and child care will
 only be available to those who register before March 10th.
 Please print out the form below and return it with your registration fee
 (sliding scale, $10 to $100; no one will be turned away) to the postal
 address below.  For more up-to-date information, see
    *****        Biodevastation 2000 - Registration        *****
 The Fourth International Grassroots Gathering on Genetic Engineering:
 Resistance and Solutions to the Corporate Monopoly on Power, Food and Life.
 Please return completed form to: NERAGE, Institute for Social Ecology,
 1118 Maple Hill Rd, Plainfield, VT 05667  or call (802)454-9957 for more 
 Welcome and Check-in will begin at 8:00 AM, Friday March 24 at
 Northeastern  University's Blackman Auditorium (a map will be provided if 
 needed).  The  opening session will begin at 9:00 AM on Friday, also at 
 Blackman Auditorium. 

Panels and workshops will be held throughout the day on March
 24 and 25, and the morning of March 26, with evening keynote speakers and
 entertainment. Conference schedules and other details are available
 on-line  at        http://www.biodev.org.
                **Please pre-register by March 10, 2000**
 General Information:
 Name: ____________________________________________________________
 Organization/Affiliation: _____________________________________________
 Address: ______________________________________________________________
 Phone: _______________________   E-Mail: _________________________________
 Others at your address who will be attending:
 ** If you are representing an organization and would like to have space at
 a table for materials, please call (802) 454-9957 for more details.
 Conference Registration Fees:
 We have made the conference rates as low as possible so that everyone who
 is interested will be able to attend. Please help us to finance this event
 by contributing what you can afford, between $10 and $100.
 I Have Enclosed $ ___________  , (make money order payable to Institute for
 Social Ecology, with 'Biodevastation' noted on the front)
         ***Please pay when you submit your registration form.***
 _____Yes, I am interested in volunteering my time to help make
 Biodevastation 2000 happen!  I would like to volunteer (please check
 _____Prior to Biodevastation 2000 (outreach, publicity, etc)
 _____At Biodevastation 2000 (food - cooking and serving; set-up; clean-up;
 medical; etc.)
 Do you have any special skills, or exciting ideas of ways to help out:
 Food and Lodging:
 **Please Pre-Register by March 10 to assure housing availability**
 We will be providing home-stays and will also have space available for
 people to stay in churches, community centers, and warehouses in Boston.
 You will need to bring sleeping bags. If you plan on staying in a hotel,
 if you have friends in the Boston area who you would like to stay with, we
 ask that you make those arrangements on your own.
 Would you like us to arrange lodging for you:____________________
 What date will you be arriving in Boston: _____________
 What date will you be departing: __________
 Your housing preferences:
 Any allergies (pets, food, etc):
 How many people are in your party (family, friends - if they are
 registering separately, please list names so that we can house you
 together): ______________________________________________________
 Would you prefer a smoking or non-smoking housing environment:
 Any other special needs, concerns or considerations:
 Breakfast and Lunch will be provided at the conference for a small  donation
 on Friday, March 24, Saturday, March 25, and Sunday, March 26.  Food
 provided will be free of genetically-engineered ingredients, and vegan
 options will be available.
 Do you have any special dietary needs we should know about:
 **Please bring your own mug! We are trying to minimize waste - any
 reusable dishes you bring will help us in this process.
 Child Care:
 **Please Pre-Register by March 10 to reserve child care space**
 Limited child care will be available during the day, March 24, 25, and  26.
 Names and ages of children who will need child care:
 Special needs:
 Dates childcare will be needed:
 Other Questions/Comments:
 Please return completed registration form to:
 Institute for Social Ecology
 1118 Maple Hill Rd.
 Plainfield, VT 05667

   Katherine Gunn	             kgunn@cyberus.ca             Ottawa, Canada

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