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Left out

> On March 10 and 11 academics will gather for "The Left in a Post-it World"
> Conference in Room 602A Loeb Building. The aim of this conference is to
> explore the ways in which the Left in Canada and elsewhere has contributed
> and responded to a world that is increasingly described with the prefix
> "post."  Whether we are talking about post-Fordism, post-industrialism,
> post-patriarchy, the post-national state or post-modernism, the Left is
> facing a number of challenges in defining a role for itself in a world in
> which the political epicentres of the modern era have eroded. The conference
> will provide an opportunity to explore the ways in which some of these
> phenomena have forced the Left to re-define the agents of political action
> along with the very boundaries of politics. Some of the issues to be
> addressed include: restructuring of the welfare state, the changing world of
> work, the "hollowing out" of the national state; new forms and sites for
> political identity. The papers will draw upon different examples, ranging
> from provincial and federal cases in Canada to recent developments in Europe
> and elsewhere. Numerous Carleton academics will be taking part. For more
> information contact Alex Howard in EURUS at 520-2888 or
> ahoward@ccs.carleton.ca
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