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what a weekend!

come participate in two tao projects this weekend. 


friday march tenth and eight o'clock
489 lewis (on top of the herb and spice) - apartment one.

come be a part of our project to create a vegan cookbook (and enjoy really 
good food).
show up with your vegan (preferably ge free) dish, and bring the recipe.  all 
recipes will be colelcted over a few potlucks to produce a vegan cookbook.


saturday march eleventh, six o'clock
61 argyle avenue (corner of argyle and elgin - across from the cops)

come to our first meeting for a new radical publication in ottawa.  all 
politically radical artists, writeres, editors, photographers, or just the 
curiouis, are invited
 to take part in this new project.


hope to see you all at either, or both of these.
for more information, contact karen at karen@tao, or 567-8647
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