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Promoting Eco-Gardening/Reducing Pesticides

The Ottawa Green Party invites everyone to their monthly
information/social gathering on topics related to envisioning and
realizing a healthier, more sustainable world: 

March Topic:

   Led By Peggy Land (of Campaign for Pesticide Reduction, Ontario)

Date: Tuesday March 21st, 7:30 - 9:30 pm 
Where: Conservation Co-op Common Room, 140 Mann Ave
  (Wheelchair accessible, bus #16 to the door, or short walk from Lees
Transitway station.)

Peggy Land, Physiotherapist, and Co-chair of the Working Group on Health
Dangers of Urban-Use Pesticides, Ottawa Carleton  will speak on
Promoting Eco-Friendly Gardening and about the movement to ban the use
of non-essential pesticides on public and privately-owned property. She
is currently a steering-committee member of the Campaign for Pesticide
Reduction, Ontario, and a member of the Ontario Green Party.

The talk will last about 1 hour, and be followed by a social hour. 
Refreshments will be provided.

For further information, call Andrew at 565-2557.

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