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Leonard Peltier - Urgent Action

Please distribute widely

The following report came through earlier today.

Dear Peltier supporters,

At 10:30 am this morning we received a call from Ernie Stevens Jr. who had
gone into Leavenworth to visit with Leonard Peltier (he is on his regular
visiting list).  He was told that Leonard Peltier was not in the
institution.  Leonard Peltier's attorneys have been trying and are still
trying to find out what happened.  Meanwhile, we received a message from a
prisoner at Leavenworth that Leonard was transferred this morning.  His
belongings were packed by guards who complained that the prison authorities
had known well in advance that Leonard would be transferred and they should
have told him so he could pack his own things.  One of the guards mentioned
the medical facility at Springfield, Missouri. LEONARD HAS BEEN CLEAR THAT
If we find out that this is the case, we will try to put an immediate stop
to it.
Meanwhile, please call Leavenworth: 913-682-8700 and the Bureau of Prisons
at: 202-307-3198. Tell the operator that you are aware that Leonard Peltier
has been transferred and that you are concerned for his safety.  Ask them
why they have transferred him without giving any notice to him, his
attorneys, or his family.  They are supposed to give 48 hours notice before
transferring someone.  The person answering the phone will not tell you
anything, but it is important to keep the calls coming in so they know we
are paying attention.  Ask them to give your message to Warden Booker for
Leavenworth and Kathleen Hawk Sawyer for the BOP.  Please call our office
785-842-5774, if you do, by chance, receive any information.  Please act on
this now and ask all of your contacts to do the same.  Thank you.
---The LPDC

Call the White House Comments Line Today
Demand Justice for Leonard Peltier! 202-456-1111

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044
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Leonard Peltier is a First Nations man who has been in a US prison for the
past 24 years for a crime he did not commit.  As an activist with the
American Indian Movement Leonard went to the Pine Ridge reservation to
provide assistance to a community facing escalating police harassment.  Two
FBI officers were killed and Peltier, despite strong evidence demonstrating
his innocence, was extradited from Canada and convicted in the US.

This is a very serious situation as solidarity activists have been very
successful over the past year in publicizing Leonard's case and lobbying the
president to grant clemency.  The FBI and various other police and right
wing organizations have commenced a counter-attack of which this may very
well be a component of.  Please do what you can to assist.

Len Bush, Research Officer
National Union of Public and General Employees
15 Auriga Drive, Nepean, On, Canada, K2E 1B7
(613) 228-9800 / (613) 228-9801 [fax]
www.nupge.ca / lbush@nupge.ca

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