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Correction: Algonquin wolves at M.E.C. TODAY

Please note this event is this evening, Tuesday March 21:
> ALGONQUIN PARK WOLVES - Slide presentation
> March 21, 7:30 pm
> Mountain Equipment Co-op
> 5 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa.
> Admission is free.
> The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society presents their slide show
> "Algonquin Park Wolves".  Learn about these magnificent animals, their
> habits and habitats, and the challenges they face.  We will also discuss
> the conservation decisions we face if we are to protect Algonquin Park
> and its wolves into the future.
Jean Langlois, M.Sc.
Directeur / Executive Director
Ottawa Valley/Outaouais Chapter
Societe pour la protection des parcs et sites naturels du Canada
langlois@cyberus.ca    tel (613) 232-7297     fax (613) 232-2030
506(B) - 880 Wellington, Ottawa, ON  K1R 6K7

March is your last chance to see Wolves at the Omnimax theater!
Details at http://www.cpaws-ov.org

Our next Wilderness Wednesday is April 5th, 7pm.
Details at http://www.cpaws-ov.org/Wildernesswednesdays.htm

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