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(Fwd) PERCshop recheduled to April 11th

For some reason this msg bounced when sent last week, so I am 
resending it...

The PERCshop:

Leadership: Learning to Lead or Leading to Learn?
  A PERC skills education workshop
has been rescheduled to: Tues Apr 11,  7 PM

This workshop will look at how we can teach, and learn,  the 
intangibles of effective grassroots leadership.

174 First Ave

230-4590 or Reply this email to register

Please note that we ask everyone to let us know if they are attending 
- this is particularly handy for you if we reschedule because we will 
make sure you are informed right away...


What use is it to love God, to dig my hands in the dark red soil of my
home and feel for it a passion that is not possession but recognition.
			Jeannette Winterson (Art and Lies)

Peace and Environment Resource Centre
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