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Re: The 'Greed Virus' meeting on Monday, April 10.

Greed Virus! I like it. Rather, well,... the name anyways.

Actually, when it comes right down to it, greed has become a compulsion, an 
addiction. Like all addictions, it is rooted in lack of trust, fear, anger, 
and all those nasty characteristics of our society.

So my proposal is that the greedy be referred to a 12 Step recovery program: 
Greed Anonymous.  Do I think it will work? Only if they see it as a problem 
for themselves and/or others, only if they 'hit bottom'.

Trouble is, when you are at the top, financially, how do 'hit bottom'?

Perhaps, by knowing that you are at the bottom morally and ethically.

Chances are a lot of the greedy are in some sort of recovery anyways - who 
isn't in this society - so they could just extend their 12th Step work into 
combatting greed. Starting with themselves.

For those unfamiliar with the 12th Step, it is about putting the moral and 
ethical principles of the 12 Step programs into practice in all of our 
affairs, not just some of our affairs. That includes greed.

But then what is greed? Can we get a reading on that from Paul Martin, or a 
'greed line' (similar to the 'poverty line') from Stats Canada? I'll bet it 
could be done. The Greed Line: The level of money you have in the bank (or 
will have) above which you will have no earthly need.

Trouble here again. Apparently in response to Russian Krushchev's remark 
that he wouldn't be able to take his money with him, U.S. magnate Armand 
Hammer responded that therefore he wasn't going to go. Thus all this 
research on longevity.

I do hope that some of this will be grist for your great mill.

Best wishes,
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