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Apr. 15/16- trip to Washington - protest IMF/World Bank

Join the group to Washington for the International Monetary 
Fund (IMF)/World Bank protests. So far, there are  plans for two vans, 
leaving at the following times:

1) Leave Thursday (13th) at 8:30PM. (In order to make it for the IFG teach in)
     Return Tuesday morning (18th).

2) Leave Friday night
     Return Monday afternoon/evening.

There are a few seats left ! !

For more information, contact:

     Nelly Larrass - 744-5902 
     Karen  Gorecki at the Sierra Youth Coalition (613) 241-1615, or (819)
771-8647;             email is kazzakelp@netscape.net or sierrayc@web.net

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