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Pesticides! & pest management - Apr.18, all day info

Open House - City of Ottawa

City Hall, 111 Sussex Dr., Fuller Room
Tues. Apr.18, 2000
10 am to 8 pm

If you are worried about pesticides and their effects -  take this chance to
voice your opinions!  The City says "Anyone concerned about pesticide use
should attend"!

Copies of the Integrated Pest Management plan are available from City Hall
and can be read at the public libraries.  IPM is an environmentally
responsible approach to pest management, avoiding chemical pesticides.

This meeting is a chance for people to discuss the Integrated Pest 
Management draft proposal and to voice their opinions about pesticide 
use in their communities.

For more information call Angela Rickman at 241-4611 (Sierra Club) or 
Susan Fortin at 244-5300 ext 1-3343 (City Hall)

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