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"An Acre of Time" - Premier & Fundraiser @ the GCTC

* An Acre of Time *

A play about the dramatic history of LeBreton Flats.

by Jason Sherman,
directed by Brian Quirt
Inspired by Phil Jenkins' book

World Premiere on Monday May 8 (2000) @ 8pm
Great Candian Theatre Company,
910 Gladstone Avenue (Ottawa)

This premiere is sponsored by the Ottawa-South Federal NDP Association

Students/Seniors: $12
Adults: $20

Tickets for the May 8th peformance can be purchased at the door, or can be
reserved in advance:
- Phone: Walter Terentiuk, OS-NDP Fundraiser, at (613) 731-8357
- Email: ottawa-s@ndp.org
- Web: http://www.ndp.org/ottawa-s

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