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Fw: The World March of Women

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From: Beth Greenhorn <bgreenhorn@cyberus.ca>
Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2000 9:55 PM
Subject: The World March of Women

> Hi everyone,
> I am currently setting up a list server to post upcoming events and other
> news regarding the World March of Women 2000 Against Poverty  & Violence.
> The email will be: womensmarch@flora.org.  Once I have finalized
> everything, I will let you know.  The Outreach Committee is also in the
> process of creating a web page for the Ottawa area.  Individuals and
> organizations will be able to post messages and notices of your events on
> the list server, and I'm hoping on the web page too.
> The next four Ottawa Regional Committe planning meetings have been
> scheduled on the following dates:
> Thurs. May 11th
> Thurs. June 1st
> Thurs. June 15th
> and Thurs. June 29th
> These meetings will all be held at 233 Gilmour St (at the corner of
> Metcalfe, across from the Colonnade Pizza) at 7 pm.
> For more information on upcoming events, or if you want to get involved in
> one of the many, many sub-committees, you can also contact the
> now-up-and-running Hotline number for the Women's March at 233-9659.   If
> you want to get involved with the Table Feministe (franco-ontariennes) or
> the Outaouais Committees, please leave a message on this voice mail.
> Once again, thanks for taking the time to read this message.  Please
> forward this email to as many women (and men) as possible.
> In solidarity,
> Beth Greenhorn
> (613) 231-4270
> bgreenhorn@cyberus.ca

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