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Landmine Camp

Mines Action Canada and the Youth Mine Action Ambassador Program present:

Regional Youth Camp on Landmines and Global Affairs - May 12-14th.

The camp will be taking place at the YMCA camp at Dunrobin and is open to
all high school students.  The camp will include a variety of speakers on
mine action and students will also be involved in interactive simulations to
get them thinking about how we can all be involved in ridding the world of

The fee is $35.00, but subsidies will be available to those travelling
longer distances.  We will arrange transportation from downtown Ottawa on
the Friday evening and back on Sunday afternoon.

Registration is still possible, but we need to hear from you asap!!  Please
contact Carla Potts or Heather McBride at 241-3777 or by email at

Stop the Fear: Help us work for a world without landmines
Carla Lisa Potts
Mines Action Canada
1210 - 1 Nicholas Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 7B7 Canada
Tel: (613) 241-3777
Fax: (613) 244-3410

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