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youth internship - Phillipines - May 5 or so closing

From:  Lucy Sharratt <sierra@web.net>

> Youth Internship Posting
> Canada-Philippines Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Positions
> Closing Date: May 5, 2000 or until suitable candidates are located 
> Term: May 2000-January 2001 

> Prerequisites: To qualify you must be under 29, have a university degree
> or college diploma and be a Canadian citizen.

> Description: This is a REAP-Canada Youth Internship made available through
> the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The goal of this
> project is to give young Canadians international work experience in the
> fields of sustainable agriculture, environmental remediation and poverty
> reduction. Successful applicants will start and finish their work
> experience in the Province of Quebec, with a five-month work placement in
> the Philippines. Two internships are available.

For more detailed information:
> Please contact Roger Samson or Pat Duxbury at:
> REAP-Canada, Box 125, Ste-Anne de Bellevue, H9X 3V9
> Email: reap@interlink.net <mailto:reap@interlink.net> Ph: 514 398 7743
> Fax: 514 398-7972,            http://WWW.REAP.CA

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