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P&P-Friendly Events: AN URGENT REQUEST

An Urgent Request from the
People- & Planet-Friendly Events

The People- & Planet-Friendly Events NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Do you enjoy the People- & Planet-Friendly Events?  Has it put 
you in touch with people, knowledge or resources?  Would you 
like to see it continue??  

To date, the PPF has been totally unfunded, produced by an unpaid 
volunteer.  Each issue takes about two days' work* to research, 
prepare, and send to thousands of individuals & organizations  
(not including time spent on outreach, growth, or new services).  
We cannot continue much longer without your financial support.  

We are delighted to see our listings appearing in an ever-growing 
number of newsletters, community newspapers, list-serves, 
web sites and radio -- and to hear stories of the many connections 
being made.  Without the PPF, it would be much more difficult 
to stay informed... your donation will help to keep the information 

If you value the People & Planet Friendly Events, if you benefit 
from it in any way, please seriously consider making a donation - 
NO MATTER WHAT THE AMOUNT.  Even the smallest 
donation will make a difference.  


* Continue to produce the People- & Planet-Friendly Events & 
Resources on a regular basis 

* Keep spreading the word FOR FREE to thousands of people & 
organizations around Ontario 

* Work with the PRESS & OTHER MEDIA to get the word out 
to a larger audience, including more non-profits, schools & 
universities, government, business, and the general public 

* Create NEW, VALUABLE SERVICES to which you can 
subscribe: (such as jobs & opportunities; issue & action alerts; 
success stories; regional editions; issue-focussed editions; 
"how-to" articles & resources; "lite" edition; organization 
profiles; print/poster editions; broader educational & activist coverage) 

* Build an effective web-site & resource directory 

* And GET THE WORD OUT about all that is People- and Planet-Friendly! 


Suggested annual donation:
    - Individual (student/senior/unwaged): $10-$20 
    - Individual (waged): $20-$30 
    - Individual (supporting): $50-$100 
    - Non-profit Organization: $30-$50 
    - For-profit Organization: $30-$100 
    - Supporting Organization: $100-$.....
These are just suggestions -- your donation of ANY AMOUNT 
is needed & welcome!  

(If you donate $30 or more, you can receive an optional, honorary 
listing on the Supporters Page of the People- & Planet-Friendly 
Web Site www.web.net/~ppf/supporters.html - details below)

* Please make your cheque or money order payable to: 
"People- & Planet-Friendly".  

* Write your e-mail address on your cheque, and mail it to: 

The People- & Planet-Friendly Events 
Box 183, Station P, 
704 Spadina Avenue, 
Toronto, Ontario 
M5S 2Z2 

* Please write your e-mail address on your cheque -- 
we will send you an e-mail receipt within two weeks.  
Please note that donations are NOT tax-deductible at this time. 



Questions? Comments? Send a message to icontario@aol.com  

     - Peter Blanchard, 
       Editor, The People- & Planet-Friendly Events, 
       Box 183, Station P, 704 Spadina Ave., Toronto M5S 2Z2 
       e-mail: icontario@aol.com  
       web-site: http://www.web.net/~ppf  (phase 1; grand opening soon)


P.S. If you cannot donate right now, but would like to in the 
future, please send us an e-mail pledging your level of support 
and when you think you will be able to pay.  We will send 
you a reminder request when that time comes.  

P.P.S. We are also seeking foundations, government agencies 
and environmentally-friendly businesses that might be interested in 
helping fund the start up of this venture (grants, socially-conscious 
advertising, sponsorship, etc. -- any leads are welcome!)

P.P.P.S. If you make a donation of at least $30, you can have an 
honorary listing on the new People- & Planet-Friendly web site 
(http://www.web.net/~ppf/supporters.html).  If interested, please 
include with your donation, a note specifying what you would 
like to appear. You can provide any of the following details: 
name, organization, e-mail, web site, phone, fax, address, 
city or town.  If you like, you can also include a brief quote or 
description of your interests or activities (not more than a few 
sentences; might be edited for brevity).  Please remember that 
the information posted will be visible to the general public.  

Some Feedback From Our Readers

"Thanks for your great service.  I've used it to connect and find 
events to attend for almost a year."

"Thanks for listing the renovation and repair event.  Many people 
showed up as a result of this list."

"Hi Peter. I am so impressed! Here I was trying to come up with 
upcoming events for our members newsletter when into my 
mailbox pops this fantastic list of stuff going on all across Ontario! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I will certainly try and think of 
ways to spread the word about the work you are doing! Wow!"

"Thanks for the listing of events, which we will post for students 
and faculty to see.  It should be very useful."

"Provides a good overview of events not ordinarily advertised"

"Just dropping you a note telling you how much I look forward to 
and appreciate these listings.  I've been following them for quite 
some time and always enjoy the diverse collection of events and 
activities listed."

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say hello and let you know that I 
really appreciate the PPF emails I receive.  It's really important to 
know what's going on in our area (if only there actually was time 
in my life to attend more of the events!).  Thank you, thank you, 
thank you."

"Thanks for spreading the word about our meeting on Tuesday.  
We ended up with one of our best attended Volunteer Nights ever! 

"Hi Peter, i think PPF is great and hope it continues.  Because we 
are rarely in Toronto, we have rarely attended things we've heard 
about through PPF, but we have frequently used it to respond to 
requests for info/events that we have received here.  I hope you can 
continue it"

What is the People- & Planet-Friendly Events?

The People- & Planet-Friendly Events & Resources is a 
"sustainable living", environmental and social justice information 
service.  It is an e-mail (and print) newsletter and web site.  It 
includes upcoming events, speakers, films, workshops, broadcasts, 
conferences, festivals, courses, discussions, actions, resources, 
how-to's, issues, education, and jobs.  Each week we describe 
dozens of happenings, resources, and announcements from a variety 
of organizations. From organic food to climate change, from healthy 
homes to "green" business, from community to conservation, from 
democracy to globalization - and much more. We publish weekly 
to thousands of interested individuals & organizations in Toronto 
& Ontario.  Just send us an e-mail and we'll sign you up (you can 
un-subscribe at any time).  icontario@aol.com http://www.web.net/~ppf


* Why does it take two days to prepare the PPF? Every week we 
sort through hundreds of e-mail messages (that arrive in every 
format imaginable); surf the web to find new events & notices; 
visit bulletin boards around Toronto; extract information from 
newspapers & newsletters; collect flyers & leaflets at events; and 
look up radio & TV programs.  Then we edit it all into a concise, 
readable format, and e-mail it out to thousands of readers.  Yes, 
there are more automated event calendars, but they are nowhere 
near as complete -- or as effective at spreading the word.  Your 
support will help us continue to provide & expand this unique 

       "Bringing people together over ideas that matter"

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