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"We Camp By Choice: THEY DON'T": 52 Years as Refugees

Demonstration on Parliament Hill

"We Camp by choice, THEY DON'T!"

Join the Peaceful Demonstration
On Parliament Hill Monday May 15, 2000
Duration: 2:00pm-7:00pm

Four Canadians camp on Parliament Hill
To demonstrate the existence of the
Palestinian Refugee Camps for the past 52 years

     We camp by CHOICE, they don't

The demonstration will include talks by Canadian MPs and activists of the
Canadian community, it will also include Palestinian poetry readings and
song performances on Parliament Hill.

Organized by: The Middle East Discussion Group, Carleton University
email: refugees@ottawa.com

In collaboration with: The Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR)
email: sphr@ssmu.mcgill.ca Website: www.sphr.org

This demonstration commemorates the 52nd anniversary of
El-Nakbe , the 1948 Catastrophe, in which over 750,000 Palestinians became
refugees.  In 1967 the Palestinians experienced another series of mass
deportations. The Palestinian Diaspora is now spread over Iraq, Egypt and
the Gulf countries, with the majority in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The
geographical breakdown of Palestinian refugees is nowadays as follows:
Jordan : 1,512,742, Lebanon : 370,144, Syria : 374,521, Gaza: 98,444, the
West Bank : 69,741, total : 3,625,592.

May 15th, 2000 is a day in which we will remind ourselves and the world of
the 52 years that Palestinian Refugees have endured in exile, ravages of
war, oppression, denial of national identity and racism.

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