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Call to Save CBC public interest programs

I suspect the first two references to CDC should be CBC.  -keb

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Dear colleagues.

You have probably heard several education programs on CDC radio over the
last couple of years. I found that they presented excellent interviews on
horticulture, tree management, organic food production, nutrition, etc.
They interviewed reknown experts such as Diana Beresford Kroeger. I
appreciated the content, the wit and the spirit of those shows.
Unfortunately, cutbacks in grants to CDC are forcing some hard choices.
When CBC management needs to decide on cuts, they chose those programs where
they perceive the lowest public interest. Because of a lack of visible
support, these programs about organic food production are poised to

But YOU can stop that. Please call the producer, Elizabeth Hay of CBC Radio,
613-562-8468, and express your request for more content about organic food
production, nutrition and environmental protection. With you vote of
support, the CBC can save these programs.

Thank you.

Tom Manley
Homestead Organics
1 Union Street, Berwick Ont, K0C 1G0
Tel: (613) 984-0480
Toll free: 1-877-984-0480
Fax: (613) 984-0481


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