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May 17: Stopping War Crimes in the 21st Century

National Capital Region Branch of the
United Nations Association in Canada
and the
World Federalists of Canada 


A Panel Discussion:
Stopping War Crimes in the 21st Century:
International Criminal Court or Military Intervention?

with panelists:

Fergus Watt
Executive Director, World Federalists of Canada,
Convener, Canadian Network for an International Criminal Court

Graham Green
Member of the Editorial Board, Ottawa Citizen
former Canadian Ambassador to Croatia (1995-1997)
Canada's alternate representative to the Security Council in 1989-1990

Nancy Gordon
Deputy Executive Director, CARE Canada
National Vice-President, United Nations Association in Canada

7:30 PM
Poliquin-Greene Room

Will the International Criminal Court deter war crimes?
Will it enable an adequate international legal response?
Will military intervention still be necessary?

For more information: 759-4142
Email: lothcol@sympatico.ca

Access parking at City Hall from Sussex Drive.  Park at P1.
Head towards Bytown Pavilion-D. Take elevator to floor T, "Terrace".
Poliquin-Greene Room is on floor "T".

Al Banner                       <mailto: banner@freenet.carleton.ca>
United Nations Association in Canada, National Capital Region Branch
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